5 Kinds of Espresso That You Should Know!

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In this blog, you are going to learn about different kinds of coffee made from a single espresso machine. However, this blog will solely focus on explaining the types of espresso or coffee, however, you can research about the machine on your own since the internet is flooding with reviews on several and several coffee makers. Also, you can visit the website of Coffeeshan and know more about the products and reviews and also different aspects of coffee and its machines.

Usually, there are several options and kinds when you want to opt for a coffee choice in your daily routine. This might include cappuccino, espresso, latte, cold coffee, hot coffee, etc. yet this blog only responds to one’s wish to have a kind of black coffee that is espresso. 

Lets’ start up with:

1. Espresso – Got Your Heart!

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Perhaps the most common and usually loved by most people is espresso. Espresso is usually coffee with the creamy texture at the top. It’s a concentrated drink with a rich taste and smooth structure. So, before you drink it, it’s better to mix it so that all the layers get mixed up pretty well. 

2. Double Shot Espresso – Double Caffeine 

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Espresso could be single shot as well as double shot, so if you want you can have the two shots in a single cup to increase the hardness of caffeine in your coffee. Double espresso is similar, it just has doubled the intensity which changes the taste of the coffee completely. The good thing is you get a price cut down when you order two shots in a single mug. 

3. Americano – Good For An Active Start

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Americano is basically a diluted coffee. In this kind, you have water with the similar espresso shots that you have usually but due to water the intensity remains milder. 

4. Lungo – Get The Right Amount!

Iced Lungo Macchiato - Nespresso Recipes

Lungo is usually the longer espresso which you can make by adjusting the grinder and running the longer shot of espresso in a single cup of coffee. It’s usually 30-40 grams and takes a certain amount of hot water to dilute it with and reach the customer’s preferred taste of coffee. 

5. Filtered Coffee – A Kind of Black Coffee

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Another type of coffee could be a filtered coffee which is filtered through a certain membrane to fit into the customer’s taste of coffee. It does not require any coffee maker or machine to fit into but a great way to serve coffee for caffeine lovers. The flavor is usually more refined, less developed and usually develops more if the coffee cools down.  

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