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Hi! I’m Michelle from Nottingham, England. I’m 19 years old and currently studying an undergraduate program of Arts and Design from NTU (Nottingham Trent University). Ever since my childhood, my mother always took good care of my health and diet routines but when I moved out for studies, I had little to no time for scheduling or planning my diets. As a result of that my body started to gain calories because I was consuming more calories than I can expend. I started to get a bit chubby, at first I ignored it but later I realized that I can’t let this go because it’s effecting my health and efficiency. 

My university schedule is extremely busy so I decided to look for an online and professional health plan rather than planning my own. I went down the wormhole of Internet and came across hundreds of web sites offering different health programs and plans. When I compared the websites, analyzed different factors and read authentic reviews I came to a conclusion that “Muscle Food” might be the most suitable option for me. 

Muscle food was established in 2012 as an online food retailer that primarily focused on athletes and bodybuilders, for several years they served customers in that domain but in 2018 they decided to expand their operations. In 2018 they received a 10 Million pound investment which assisted them in exploring new grounds. Also by using the investment they launched several promotion programs such as Muscle Food Discount Code to promote their sales.

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Now Muscle food offer products for not only athletes, body builders and sportsman but for general public as well. Muscle food is beneficial for anyone who is cautious about their health, wants to lose weight and look slim find more deals here for your meal kit plan.


MF- DoThe UnthinkableMuscle food has put together an incredible program,
which fulfills your dietary needs and assists in achieving your fitness goals. Plus their food is not boring, they have an extensive product range, which expands from meat to veggies and supplements etc. The program also includes proper work outs but for now we’ll just stick to the diets and meals.

Every day you are required to have breakfast, lunch, supper and three choices snacks. Breakfast includes things like porridge, pancake and scrambles eggs. Lunch and supper are tradable and you can essentially pick anything you like, there were choices of pizza (yes pizza!), lasagna, dark bean chicken and rice, stew, Thai chicken and vegetables. Wide range of tasty choices.

I truly appreciated assortment of the food, various alternatives to choose from. There was an alternate feast for each lunch and each supper. This made it energizing, picking what to have for lunch and supper every day. Their food quality, taste and variety didn’t made me feel like I was on a diet, it just felt like a common routine which I’d happily follow any other day.

Everything is arranged and prepared to cook rapidly. Indeed, even the chicken and vegetables are prepared cut and prepped, you should simply just cook it. There are loads of prepared dinner alternatives in a hamper that you fly into the microwave, from being froze to ready to eat within just 5 minutes!